Amy (Jay's Fiancée)

River-Fest, Raft Race, Craig Charles' Funk 'n' Soul; Are some of your Appearances, that made your life more whole. Entertaining all the crowds, involving them in your act. Putting smiles upon their faces, kept your pride intact. S4C... Granada Reports.. Marrying Mum & Dad, BBC documentaries and Sky Sports on TV you've had; Many more Appearances, than some will ever know. You kept your lives' quite private, but your confidence ON SHOW. All the people that you've Helped... and companies as well, Like JSRA, 158 and other services you'd tell; Everyone... all about... the businesses that care, Or treat you just like family, if you use a service there. Families are important as you didn't have your own. You knew not where you came from, Yet your families have now grown. I'll keep my promise I made the day you asked me for support; To find out who you "really" are, And the true story of all you've fought.