The bright and colourful life of Jay

Funeral service is on Wednesday 20th July 2022 at 11am at Landican Crematorium, Wirral.

Invites have been sent by the other people in control of organising this celebration of Jay's life.... And have been told to wear bright colours and not black.

Jay wanted his motorbike and sidecar to do a tour through Birkenhead and passing the old Sherlocks night club.

This has special memories for him and more recently I realised, that this was where he picked me up from the day we began our lifelong relationship.

CHANGE OF ROUTE... Jays motorbike and sidecar will now be leaving home and arriving in New Brighton at around 10:30/10:40am before going up to landican. 

Please be mindful of other people needing to park or get through at the cemetery itself. 

A webcast of the service can be viewed at:
Pin code 440-6971 

Anyone who knows the real Jay will not be surprised by him wanting to create a memorable scene (in a positive and proud way)

Instead of having a wake afterwards, we are hoping to get together for some food and drinks in a local pub and beer garden.

We will then celebrate his birthday in true Jay style on the 19th August instead. 


20th July 2022 at 11:00 am
Landican Crematorium Landican Cemetery, Arrowe Park Rd Woodchurch, Birkenhead Wirral CH49 5LW PLEASE PARK IN CHERRY ORCHARD AND CARSHARE WHERE POSSIBLE Get directions

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