Dedicated to the memory of a real life 007 Super Hero - Jay St John (Budgie)

This is a site to celebrate and eternally remember the most amazing individual anyone could ever be fortunate enough to meet.


Please feel free to add pictures and positive/happy stories

This site was created given he wanted to remain immortal online forever.... By his final love, soul mate and fiancée, Amy xxx

I love you Jay, as does everyone in your collective families x

The bright and colourful life of Jay

Funeral service is on Wednesday 20th July 2022 at 11am at Landican Crematorium, Wirral.

Invites have been sent by the other people in control of organising this celebration of Jay's life.... And have been told to wear bright colours and not black.

Jay wanted his motorbike and sidecar to do a tour through Birkenhead and passing the old Sherlocks night club.

This has special memories for him and more recently I realised, that this was where he picked me up from the day we began our lifelong relationship.

CHANGE OF ROUTE... Jays motorbike and sidecar will now be leaving home and arriving in New Brighton at around 10:30/10:40am before going up to landican. 

Please be mindful of other people needing to park or get through at the cemetery itself. 

A webcast of the service can be viewed at:
Pin code 440-6971 

Anyone who knows the real Jay will not be surprised by him wanting to create a memorable scene (in a positive and proud way)

Instead of having a wake afterwards, we are hoping to get together for some food and drinks in a local pub and beer garden.

We will then celebrate his birthday in true Jay style on the 19th August instead. 


20th July 2022 at 11:00 am
Landican Crematorium Landican Cemetery, Arrowe Park Rd Woodchurch, Birkenhead Wirral CH49 5LW PLEASE PARK IN CHERRY ORCHARD AND CARSHARE WHERE POSSIBLE Get directions

Donations to a choice of charities: * Wirral Hospice St John's * Any youth club of your choice in your area * Chester Rotary Club * Blackheath Medical Centre


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River-Fest, Raft Race, Craig Charles' Funk 'n' Soul; Are some of your Appearances, that made your life more whole. Entertaining all the crowds, involving them in your act. Putting smiles upon their faces, kept your pride intact. S4C... Granada Reports.. Marrying Mum & Dad, BBC documentaries and Sky Sports on TV you've had; Many more Appearances, than some will ever know. You kept your lives' quite private, but your confidence ON SHOW. All the people that you've Helped... and companies as well, Like JSRA, 158 and other services you'd tell; Everyone... all about... the businesses that care, Or treat you just like family, if you use a service there. Families are important as you didn't have your own. You knew not where you came from, Yet your families have now grown. I'll keep my promise I made the day you asked me for support; To find out who you "really" are, And the true story of all you've fought.
Amy (Jay's Fiancée)
Thank you for creating this tribute to Jay we are all thinking of you at this time x
All at Wirral Hospice St John's
Thank you for everything you did as you made him feel like royalty when he came back and forth to Wirral Hospice St John's. I really appreciate everything you did to welcome both of us and provide the outstanding support and service to all of us including family and friends who came. Sorry we couldn't have our wedding in time or have it there as planned, but at least he got to see me in my dress bless him. That smile will stick with me forever. Lots of love and thanks to all of you.
Amy (Jay's fiancée)


You truly are amazing My kids watch Marrying Mum & Dad over and over again and everytime we found out you were performing in Liverpool, we would have to go and watch you. You even gave one of the kids a flag one year which they still have on the side in their bedroom. They keep telling people they know the real spiderman after you said "Hello xxx" at the Albert Dock as you'd seen us year on year. Will be gutted never to see your displays and km not sure how ill break the news to them but will have to do it tomorrow and show them that I've sent this message to you as a find farewell to you. You and Amy made our days so special as you really were a good team. I know it was her that saw us first the last time we saw you at thd clipper race finish and waved you over. Thank you Amy as that was just a perfect lasting memory of that day that we will always treasure forever. Our love and thoughts are with you and your family, as it is with Jay wherever he may be up there.
Lit by Carol Parkinson on July 24th, 2022
Thank you Jay for entertaining all the crowds at the international Mersey River Festival and Cruise Liverpool, especially on the Craig Charles night, EPIC! The day you walked into our office with Amy and told me what your plans for our event were, i thought you were mad but little did i know you were true to your word and i am so glad I took the chance as you have brought spectacle to everything you have done for Liverpool City Council. Not only were you so talented and driven but you became a really good friend to us all. Rest easy now Jay, you deserve it x
Lit by Julie Anglesea on July 24th, 2022
Sending our thoughts to all of Jay's family and friends at this time.
Lit by From all at Wirral Hospice St John's on July 20th, 2022

Donations to a choice of charities: * Wirral Hospice St John's * Any youth club of your choice in your area * Chester Rotary Club * Blackheath Medical Centre

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