November 16th, 2022
My thoughts are with you every day, Youre my soulmate and I love you Jay, I know that you're spirit is near, But doesn't stop the thought of no longer being here. I hope you are proud of all I've done done you, I did the first part of all you asked me to do. I will continue with the rest of your requests, Which needs to be dealt with before it manifests. It needs to be sorted before time runs out, Please do not worry as I will work it all out. I'll make sure your wishes are rectified as per your, Evidenced after life requests you said you'd ensure, Everything was in place and lovingly trusted, all of us to make sure your legal plans weren't busted. Trust me darling as I've got jithig to hide. So that you can soon rest in peace, you made me promise you to restore your pride.
This candle went out on 30th November.