Lit by Carol Parkinson July 24th, 2022
You truly are amazing My kids watch Marrying Mum & Dad over and over again and everytime we found out you were performing in Liverpool, we would have to go and watch you. You even gave one of the kids a flag one year which they still have on the side in their bedroom. They keep telling people they know the real spiderman after you said "Hello xxx" at the Albert Dock as you'd seen us year on year. Will be gutted never to see your displays and km not sure how ill break the news to them but will have to do it tomorrow and show them that I've sent this message to you as a find farewell to you. You and Amy made our days so special as you really were a good team. I know it was her that saw us first the last time we saw you at thd clipper race finish and waved you over. Thank you Amy as that was just a perfect lasting memory of that day that we will always treasure forever. Our love and thoughts are with you and your family, as it is with Jay wherever he may be up there.
This candle went out on 24th August.